Welcome to the Royal Holiday Travel Blog

Year after year, thousands of people trust Royal Holiday to help plan their vacations. With access to over 180 resort properties, affiliate hotels, and cruise ships, Royal Holiday members enjoy a huge selection of exciting destinations when it comes time to choose the perfect getaway.

With so many options available all over the world, club members rely on Royal Holiday’s extensive network of travel experts to arrange their trips and to connect them with useful advice about transportation and accommodations.

Taking that commitment one step further, the Royal Holiday Travel blog provides club members with a new Internet resource containing a huge variety of travel tips and information. Whether you are a brand-new member or a seasoned vacationer, Royal Holiday Travel offers an ever-growing collection of information on every travel topic under the sun:

Destinations – With so many destinations available through Royal Holiday, choosing one may be a little overwhelming. Learn all about the many exciting locales where members can vacation, including local weather, special events, popular sights, recommended restaurants, and more.

Planning – To be assured of a trouble-free vacation, a little careful planning goes a long way. Read up on tips for choosing the best destination and arranging the perfect holiday.

Packing – Traveling with too much luggage or forgetting an important item can be a major headache. Check Royal Holiday Travel for advice on packing, and avoid the hassle of bringing the wrong things on vacation.

Getting There – Whether by land, air, or sea, Club members travel to their vacation destinations in all sorts of ways. Find tips about bringing the proper documents, booking travel, planning routes and connections, and other useful information. Also check out special tips on travel for seniors, families, people with mobility impairments, singles, and more.

Money Matters – A Royal Holiday membership is an investment. To safeguard that investment, learn the best practices for finding vacation deals, protecting financial and personal data, purchasing insurance, and getting the most value out of your trip.

Health and Safety – Illness, crime, or accidents can very quickly turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. Stay educated about travel health and general safety. In addition, learn tips to protect yourself from crime while on vacation, and avoid becoming a target.

Keeping in Touch – With modern technology, it is easy to stay in contact with family, as well as friends old and new. Learn about the latest in data plans and communicating from foreign countries, as well as creative tips for gift-giving and recording beautiful vacation memories.

And Much, Much More – The Royal Holiday Travel blog aims to provide every visitor with the information they need to have a truly unforgettable vacation. Feel free to use the site’s Search function to find tips and information quickly, or simply kick back and peruse the blog at your own leisure.

Behind the Royal Holiday Experience

Royal Holiday has earned recognition as a trusted name in vacations for over three decades. With premier timeshare access to more than 180 resort properties and several cruise line affiliates, the vacation Club provides its 100,000 members with unforgettable travel experiences every year.

Since its founding in Switzerland in 1983, Royal Holiday has grown enormously. Now based in the vacation hotspot of Mexico, the company today maintains a network of over 3,000 travel professionals throughout North America and Europe, as well as an extensive portfolio of Internet resources.